Our Services at Sri Jayaram Infotech 

We provide the following system services:

In Computer Hardware, we specialise in assembling computer systems.  We deal with Intel,  AMD and Cyrix systems.  We assemble cost-effective systems at the same time not compromising on performance.  Also, we provide network solutions.  Anything in networking, right from cabling to hubs, switches and routers, trouble shooting the network etc., you name it we provide it.

Also, we undertake AMC  (Annual Maintenance Contract) for computer systems.  We provide a unique service viz. Software Maintenance Contract.  Under this contract, we take care of routine software problems like corrupted software files, reinstallation of system files, virus infections, anti-virus updates etc.  By keeping a regular check on these factors, we keep the downtime of your system to the minimum.

We also deal with scanners (and networking of scanners), CD Writers, Optical media, DVD drives and DVD writers, Laser printers, Inkjet printers and Zip Drives, and other high end and special purpose devices.  We also provide service for CD drives, CD Writers, Laser Printers and Inkjet printers.  

We have the expertise in mass storage systems like NAS and SAN.  We also deal with laptop (notebook) computers.  We have the right attitude of providing permanent solutions to the customers rather than patch work solutions.  

We also deal with supplies or consumables :  Printer ink cartridges, toner cartridges, dot matrix ribbons, CD media, floppies, power adapters etc., Inkjet media, stationeries and the like.

For any of your system requirements, please do call our support team.


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